I’m Veronica!

I’m a pet enthusiast from Brooklyn who takes care of her pup and kitty friends full-time.

My Story

I grew up on a farm with a doberman and a miniature australian shepherd, as well as cats, ducks, horses, cows, sheep, and a huge goose that thought it was one of the dogs. Growing up in that crew, I started caring for animals early. I started shearing sheep around the time that I could ride a bike and learned my early lessons in compassion & patience from training a fostered horse – to this day, it’s hard to be sure which of us was training the other.

Living in Brooklyn has meant that I’ve put my farm days behind me, but I continue to love animals. I have experience with pets of all sizes, ages, and personalities. I’m very comfortable with large, strong animals; I started riding a horse in middle school, so larger dogs aren’t a problem for me. I continue to have exceptional patience with pets – I even helped train my roommate’s cat to walk on a leash, much to my roommate’s surprise and joy.

My Pet Care

I’ve looked after animals that require special care, and I want to be sure each dog is getting what they need. I’ll gladly give them a bath (or a paw-wipe, if you prefer!) if we get dirty, administer medication and monitor as needed, and then sit down and tell you all about our day together. You’ll never have to wonder how your pup is doing.

I am happy to match our activities to each dog’s energy level, I am just as happy to walk, run, fetch, and be on-leash or off-leash. I’ll follow your lead when planning activities, locations (ie. maybe there’s a busy street we should avoid, or you’d rather your pup stay away from the dog park) and approaching interactions with other dogs, since I prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. If there are any tricks you are trying to learn, let me know, I’m more than happy to spend some time practicing with your pup just as you would.